The Detroit Pistons gifted hip-hop fans with the best thing since Dennis Rodman -- President Barack Obama rapping Drake and Future's song, "Jumpman."

The NBA team posted the chopped up video filled with clips from various speeches to make it seem like the president is rapping along to the 2015 hit from the duo's collaborative project, What a Time to be Alive.

But instead of the original chorus when the rhymers repeat "jumpman, jumpman, jumpman," this version uses the last name of Andre Drummond, one of the team's players. "That boy's up to something," raps President Obama, a well-known basketball fan.

The video is also interlaced with the Drummond serving up some layups, dunks and even elbowing another player. It's definitely creating some hype for the baller, who's bidding to get people to vote for him to play in the NBA All-Star game which takes place in Drake's hometown of Toronto this year. And with an average of 18 points and 16 rebounds per game, the center player is likely to get his wish.

At least Twitter thinks so. "@DetroitPistons is the realest team for making this Obama themed song to make Andre Drummond an all star. #Jumpman," tweeted one fan.

"The @DetroitPistons' mashup of President Obama singing Jumpman on behalf of Andre Drummond is the best thing I've seen in a minute," tweeted another fan.

Check out what tweeters are saying below as we wait for Stephen Curry to rhyme "curry, curry, curry" over Kanye West's "Facts."

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