Man, we're gonna miss President Barack Obama.

POTUS just dropped his summer playlist this morning (Aug. 11), and it's banging. Actually, to keep it lit all day, he dropped a "daytime" and "nighttime" list. Jidenna's "Classic Man," Common's "Forever Begins," and Nas an Damien Marley's "As We Enter" are among the tracks listed. Wale, Gary Clark, Jr., D'angelo, Method Man and Chance the Rapper are also among the artists that show up on the playlist.

Naturally,  Wale was super excited to make the cut, tweeting, "POTUS knows #1" (his song, "LoveHate Thing," is first up on the list). Obama's taste in music has been readily displayed over the eight years since he's been in office. From epic birthday parties featuring the best in music (Beyonce, Jay Z an Usher were present at his 55th bash), to picking Kendrick Lamar's "How Much a Dollar Cost" as his favorite song of the year, his musical taste is an area that definitely hasn't left much room for debate.

Just a few days ago, it was reported that the president got hyped for his epic DNC speech by listening to none other than Eminem's "Lose Yourself." You can seen Obama bobbing his head animatedly as Em’s lyrics ring out, “Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity.”

Long story short? Obama has great musical taste and we're going to miss having a president cool enough to pull a playlist like this off.

Check the president's playlists below.


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