Philadelphia sports fans already have a bad enough reputation, but just in case you didn't realize how mean they can be, here's a reminder.

After Maikel Franco hit his first career home run for the Phillies on Sunday, a fan rushed over and ripped the ball away from an older woman. It's cruel and it's on camera, so he can never live it down.

What do you want to bet this same guy cut five people in line to get beer after this and then drove along the shoulder just to get ahead of all the traffic after the game (as if there'd be traffic after a Phillies game)?

The real loser here (aside from the poor woman) is Maikel Franco. Whenever he thinks about his first dinger, the image of a bully muscling the ball away from an innocent woman looking for a souvenir will come to mind.

Way to go, Philadelphia. Maybe after you've mellowed out a little and accepted the Phillies season is already over in May, you can go back to screaming about what exactly Chip Kelly is trying to do with the Eagles.