We know the games are grueling, but this phenomenal video reminds us that NFL training camp isn't exactly a walk in the park, either (despite what Aaron Rodgers is doing).

St. Louis Rams rookie running back Todd Gurley wore a GoPro during practice on Sunday. And while the Georgia product is overflowing with the energy befitting his now 21-year-old body, it's easy to see just how rough camp can be. It's already hot out there, but he's got padding and a helmet, which makes it all the more brutal.

And you probably don't think about it, but there are people all over the field, not just 11 defenders. It almost looks like the mall the day after Christmas, that's how many people he's got to juke.

Great things are expected of Gurley, who was the Rams first-round draft choice back in April. If the Rams have any thoughts of making some noise in the very tough NFC West, he could be an integral factor.