Everyone has an opinion about the NCAA Tournament, but here's a secret: no one really knows what's going to happen.

Yeah, we hate to burst the bubble so many teams have been on for the last few weeks, but it's true.

For every pundit who says a 2-seed is the favorite there's another who says that same team won't survive the first weekend. For every barstool guru who claims this 10-seed could make a Final Four run there's another who claims that same team will lose its opening game by 30 points.

In other words: no one really has the foggiest idea what's going to happen, which is the basis for this hilarious (and somewhat NSFW) video in which a college basketball expert honestly fills out his brackets. He's no different than you or me. Yes, he throws out some stats that make him sound knowledgeable, but at the end of the day his guess is no better than yours or mine or your mother, who likes Cal State-Bakersfield because she drove through there once.

You can make a case for every single team to go far or lose early. Ultimately, we all have a 50/50 chance to pick the right games in the first round -- even all the so-called "experts" who we're led to believe know a lot. There are probably near 900 players suiting up for March Madness and there's simply no way an "insider" can know enough about all of them to make wise picks, right?

So, don't lose too much sleep when filling out your bracket. It's like throwing darts blindfolded. Actually, throwing darts blindfolded is probably a heckuva lot easier.