Hey, snap out of it! Eyes over here. We're down here, coming at you like an Orlando Bloom face-shove in the face, with the most illinest and most cheesiest the music world had to offer this week. Tip toe in ya Jawwdinz to all the #influential #content down below, and then when you're done check out our Q+A with British beach goth shriekers The Wytches.

Best Song of the Week: Metro Boomin ft. Young Thug and Future, "Chanel Vintage"


Best Imagination: Childish Gambino

During a live freestyle, Bino dissed Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Schoolboy Q, before reserving some special sauce for Drake: "'This nigga think he Drake.’ Nah, I ain’t Drake. I sing better. I do better. My shit wetter." Wet shit indeed.

Worst News of the Week: Iggy Azalea ain't going anywhere and there's nothing you can do about it.

Vin Diesel announced that Iggy Azalea has a cameo in Fast & Furious 7. Bow down to your new corny accented overlord.

Most Unlikely Defense of Coldplay: Deniro Farrar

The leader of cult rap told us he loves Coldplay despite all their haters, explaining, "People hated on Jesus, they’ll hate on anything."

Best/Worst Impromptu Sam Smith Cover: Vin Diesel

Best because this was supposedly his first time hearing the song, so this was karaoke on the fly. Worst because he's manhandling the song like it's a Fast & Furious villain.

Most Likely a Placeholder for the Real Version That's Getting a Beyoncé Feature: Leaked version of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"

Iinternet chatter suggests that "Anaconda" was delayed so that Nicki could secure a Beyoncé feature, and this leaked version of the track is either the club edit, or those long instrumental chunks are about to get some Bey vocals added to them.

Most Likely to be in More Bands Than Jack White: Dan Boeckner

The Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs/Divine Fits member just announced the debut release of his new outfit Operators. EP1 is out August 5, and based on lead single "True" it'll stay right in his synth-driven nu-wave sweet spot.

Most Likely a Cyborg From the Future Sent to Save Music: Sophie

Sophie's "Lemonade" is the aural equivalent of Four Loko; it drips radioactive high fructose (is that redundant?) corn syrup over a tempo that's alternately lurching and haywire. It's two songs in one, in under two minutes — any more and it's nauseating, any less and it's disposable, just like those precisely engineered food pills of the future we're always promised. We're onto you, Soph.

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