There is nothing quite like a manager going completely bonkers.

Joe Mikulik, who manages the Double A Frisco RoughRiders, when absolutely nuts when the umpires blew a call in a game against the Midland RockHounds on Tuesday night.

Here's what happened. Midland catcher Bruce Maxwell dropped the ball while applying a tag, but umpire Ron Teague called him out. After conferring with the other umps, the call stood, sending Mikulik into hysterics. He screamed. He threw his helmet. Then he got ejected, which only fired him him up even more.

He kicked dirt. He screamed more. Then, he took off his shoes and threw them before untucking his jersey and tossing and punting his cleats. He then closed out his act by firing a garbage can from the dugout onto the field.

Take a longer look at the show Mikulik put on for those lucky enough to see it:

That one run proved to be crucial, as Midland came back to win, 5-4, in extra innings, making the night even worse for Mikulik.

This kind of display is old hat for Mikulik, who has lost his temper on many more than one occasion. You can see some of his other meltdowns below.

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