Beastie Boys co-founder Mike D will begin hosting a bi-weekly freeform radio show called "The Echo Chamber" on Beats 1, beginning this Friday. He promises to play music from across a broad spectrum, while bringing in artists like Slaves – with whom the rapper has recorded recently.

"In a way, it's like a little bit like a fantasy that I've had since basically I started buying records as a 13-year-old, Mike "Mike D" Diamond told Rolling Stone. "I'm still the same music fan. ... So, to actually be able to cut out the middle man and play records and have it be somehow part of a vocation is some weird wish fulfillment. And ultimately, like any other musician, I feel like the s--- that I like is better than the s--- that anybody else likes," he adds, with a laugh.

Mike D revealed his plans during an interview today with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1. He reportedly recorded the first episode in his Malibu pool house. "The Echo Chamber" premieres at 3 p.m. ET on July 15, with an encore to air at 3 a.m. ET on Saturday (July 16).

A long-promised memoir with fellow Beastie Boys member Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz is also moving ahead. "It's getting there," Mike D promises. "It takes some work, as you know. We don't have a deadline, and books take so long to finish 'til when it comes out, but we're getting there."

Besides sessions with Slaves, Mike D has also been recording with Cassius; they released "Action," which also featured Cat Power, earlier this year.

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