Despite a number of tributes, including a recent, unique one by Adele, only Prince can give Prince full justice.

Luckily, fans are unearthing new music from the late artist everyday. In the latest batch of new tracks, Prince’s rehearsals from 1987's Sign O The Times were discovered and uploaded by Will Make Beats For Food. In preparation for his first post-Revolution tour, Prince jams out with Sheila E., Dr. Fink, Eric Leeds, Cat Glover, Miko Weaver and Levi Seacer Jr.

The two-disc masterpiece contains a number of favorites from Prince's ninth studio album including, "If I Was Your Girlfriend," "U Got The Look," "Strange Relationship," "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" and "Housequake." Although it's missing "It" and "Adore," the rehearsal tapes makes up for it with Prince's 1986's "Kiss," 1992's "The Sex Of It" and a drum solo by none other than Sheila E, who recently paid tribute to her friend and muse at the BET Awards.

Although many of these songs have likely been heard multiple times before by Prince's fans, the live version brings a new feel to the tracks. Plus, it's hard to find any Prince tracks -- unless you have TIDAL.

Stream the two albums (with 18 tracks!) below.

Listen to Prince's Sign O The Times Rehearsals Disc One

Listen to Prince's Sign O The Times Rehearsals Disc Two

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