A couple days after slamming Nicki Minaj in a remix of Beyonce and Nicki's "Flawless" remix, Lil Kim is back with another Nicki diss track. We're not sure why Kim's all heated about Onika right here and now, since Nicki has seemingly moved on from her Kim-inspired phase comprising eccentric outfits and pastel wigs, but hey when you're desperate there's no time like the now.

We're not Nicki stans or anything but as far as diss tracks go this is straight trash. Kim doesn't even name Nicki in the actual song, which sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom at two in the morning. Not a good sign when the single artwork is the most biting part of the whole thing.

Lil Kim is better than this! If she's gonna escalate a beef with Minaj, then go "Control" on her ass! Do something that actually warrants a response, not some Azealia Banks grasping-at-straws, thirsty-for-headlines fuckery.

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