Before there was social media, memes or reference tracks, when rappers had a disagreement they took it to the booth and vented all of their frustrations on record. However, in the digital era, beef between MCs has become more of a watered down, 140-word trade off of jokes to ruffle feathers rather than fighting words.

You can literally count on two hands how many times Wale sounded off on Twitter. Everyone from Meek Mill to Rosa Acosta and even Complex Magazine have felt the wrath of The Album About Nothing rhymer through his tweets. Rookie rhymer OG Maco is no stranger to igniting Twitter beef. He challenged the Future Hive and the rapper himself when he claimed he was responsible for "ending countless lives" as a result of his drug-centered raps.

It's safe to say the old school route of firing back with a hard-hitting verse where no topic from mothers, to baby mommas and children is off limits is dead. Modern day rhymers have adopted Twitter as the new battleground for hashing out issues.

Nevertheless, sometimes those trigger fingers-turned-Twitter fingers stop typing and start rhyming a diss track. It's always good for the sport when rappers take it back to the recording booth and showcase their lyrical prowess. Some of the best beef's in hip-hop have been hashed out on memorable tracks like Nas' "Ether," 2Pac's "Hit Em Up" and most recently Drake's latest Meek Mill roast "Back to Back."

But before the Dreamchasers frontman squared off with OVO's head-owl-in-charge, they learned how to battle their opponents from the best veteran MCs before them (if they even took notes -- that's another story). Check out 10 Epic Beefs in Hip-Hop History.

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