Flying Lotus landed some major features on his forthcoming album, You're Dead!, including Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Herbie freaking Hancock. And now "Never Catch Me," the track with fellow Cali hip-hop head K-Dot, has premiered. The jittery, jazzy beat is matched with Lamar's clipped cadence, which eventually crescendos with his gruffer, more aggressive delivery, before things cool off and Lamar sings, "Say you will never, ever catch me."

Hopefully this is the first of several K-Dot-FlyLo collabs that will hit the public: We know they worked on another track that was scrapped from the album, plus Lamar has been rapping over a bunch of FlyLo's Captain Murphy beats.

Hear "Never Catch Me" below.

You're Dead! is out October 7.

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