Flying Lotus snagged a feature from his pal Kendrick Lamar on his forthcoming album You're Dead!, but he revealed that Lamar is to blame for the lack of a new project from his rapping alter ego, Captain Murphy. Pitchfork released a teaser of their interview with Flying Lotus, in which the man legally known as Stephen Ellison explains that, basically, Kendrick Lamar is bogarting a bunch of Captain Murphy beats.

"He recorded to a bunch of my songs," FlyLo told the site about K-Dot. "I don't know if he's gonna use them or not, but he recorded a bunch of stuff, which is why there's no Captain Murphy album out yet. He took all my beats!"

FlyLo said he's more or less waiting to see which tracks Lamar decides to use. "He took, like, 12, 13 of my tracks, man. I think he recorded all of them, too. I just don't know if they're ever gonna see the light of day." Yo can we get some communication between these two camps? Or how about they just link up for all 13 beats and crank out a joint album?

FlyLo also revealed in the interview that Pharrell was supposed to appear on You're Dead! and K-Dot was slated for two guest spots.

[via Pitchfork]

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