Look up in the sky! It’s bird! It’s a plane! It’s Kendrick Lamar! In an interview with Mass Appeal, the magazine’s cover star revealed what kind of superhero he would be and it’s awesome.

In a video series called “Super...,” artists sit down and describe what kind of superhero they would be and their unique superpower abilities.

The Compton rhymer revealed that his alter ego superhero name would be HardBody. But he doesn’t have a cape or a costume, he’s like a chameleon who blends into his environment. “No mask, no nothing. You don’t see him coming,” he said.

Kendrick explains further that his superpower would be love and that he would fight hate in the streets and in corporate America. Hard Body’s arch nemesis is a woman named Lucy who is actually the devil Lucifer in disguise. “She’s seductive, she seduces everybody,” he says. “You think you fell in love, but once you walk out, it’s nothing but negative attention around.”

Props to designer HECTAH for his comic-book style animation, which helps brings Kendrick’s superhero fantasy to life.

You can check out Kendrick, err, rather HardBody, in the latest issue (No. 56) of Mass Appeal, which is on newsstands now.

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