Last year, Jason Sudeikis aka Coach Ted Lasso was hired, then fired, by English Premier League squad Tottenham Hotspur. Now, Coach Lasso is back and ready to fuck shit up again.

The football-turned-futbol coach is fighting to get another head job in the EPL, and in the meantime he's coaching a girls youth club and drinking beers with a guy that looks an awful lot like USMNT hero Tim Howard. Sadly, Lasso's understanding of relegation rules and offsides are still lacking.

Then again, his philosophy on building a successful team is hard to argue with: "In my mind, you gotta have three things to be a Premier League team: One, you gotta play physical. Two, you gotta give 100 percent until the final whistle. And three, you gotta be sponsored by a Middle Eastern airline."

The Premier League starts on NBC and NBC Sports Network on Saturday, August 16th.

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