Jack White has previously said he doesn't trust anyone who doesn't like Led Zeppelin, and his inspiration from, and admiration of, that monumental band is apparent in nearly all of his projects, from the searing riffage to the high-pitched wails, right on down to the occasional blatant reappropriation of delta blues. A few years ago, White collaborated with legendary Zep guitarist Jimmy Page for the documentary It Might Get Loud, and now he has a chance to link up with the band's singer, Robert Plant — whose transformation from swaggering rock frontman to prolific vet of eclectic tastes increasingly looks like the template for White's career.

In a recent Facebook Q&A, Plant was asked whether he'd work with White, and replied, "I love Jack White's buccaneer spirit and the way he dodges through the musical horizons. I'd be happy to make a single with him." Buccaneer spirit, nailed it.

In fact, he even has a song in mind and has an itinerary ready for his Third Man Records visit. "I'd like to do a track called 'Love Me' which was originally recorded by The Phantom," he said. "I'm going to Nashville on Sunday and can do it on Monday morning! I've got lunch with Alison Krauss at 2 p.m. and cocktails with Patty Griffin at 8 p.m."

Problem is, Jack is on the road next week, but we're happy Plant wants to do a song that would be a rip-snorting affair and not some acoustic geezer rock. If Plant's never gonna reunite with Led Zeppelin again, this would be the next best thing. Make it happen, guys! We know Jack can skip one of these baseball games and head to Nashville real quick.

[via NME]

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