Karen O's got some competition in the Zep cover game after Miley Cyrus dropped "Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You," a cover of Led Zeppelin's blazing "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" off their 1969 debut, which itself was a cover of a '50s folk song.

Now before you get all bent out of shape and start invoking things like "integrity" and "authenticity," just know that this cover kind of rules. And it pains us to admit that, because Miley is a nightmare. The cover art is stupid and annoying like just about everything she is involved in visually. Get past that. The recording quality is low, get past that, too. Close your eyes and just listen, and pretend it's some singer you'd never heard of, and it packs a punch and shows what Cyrus is capable of when she stops trying to remind everyone how "cool" and "risqué" she is.

Turns out the best way for her to scare the olds is to cover their oldies.

To paraphrase Wayne Campbell (and Wayne Coyne, probably), "Babe can wail."

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