Here at ANTENNA, opinions are split on Iggy Azalea. Half of us think she can rap, the other half... no. Half of us think she's exceedingly hot. The other half ... well, none of us are really going to kick her out of bed.

Anyway, none of that matters now because here is evidence that Iggy Azalea wasn't always the Iggy Azalea that gives us the feels today. Up above you can watch the tall, blond Australian's video for a song called "Nothing Like Me." That's a hilarious title because the whole thing is a poor knockoff of Britney Spears' track and video for "Gimme More." Iggy's voice is AutoTuned to about three octaves higher than her husky flow, and her actual singing ability is — yikes.

Just goes to show that this young woman's been chasing fame and been on her grind for quite a while now, trying on personas until something stuck. Is the rap game Iggy Azalea her most authentic self? Probably not. Does that make "Fancy" any less of the summer blockbuster that it's become? Have a look at them stacks.


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