Here, in the grand tradition of Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' GIF gallery, is a gallery of the best GIFs from JLo and Iggy's 'Booty' video. (Which may well be a ripoff of an old Kylie Minogue video, but you don't really care, do you?)

We've compiled the 14 essential GIFs from the video, which is probably better than the video itself. Browse those, then wait with baited breath for the inevitable fart video remix.

1. Smack that.

2. Being a famous rapper, circa 2014.

3. Peekaboo!

4. Bey, is that you?

5. Wobble wobble.

6. BFF (Butt friends forever).

7. Now slow it down.

8. Wiggle it.

9. Slip n' Slide.

10. Nicki who?

11. Shakira, is that you?

12. So. Much. Jiggling.

13. Slip n' Slide: The Sequel.

14. Bumpy ride.

Many thanks to FreeOnSmash for a bunch of these HQ GIFs that we "borrowed."