High school football is getting a very bad reputation.

Not even two weeks after two players in Texas were suspended for targeting a referee during a game comes another disturbing scene from a high school game last week.

A player for Linden High School, in Linden N.J., ripped the helmet off an opposing player from Immaculata High School and hit him with it. The Linden player has been identified as Fritz Moncion, while the Immaculata player is David Hoffman, who needed 10 stitches.

Showing great restraint, Hoffman did not retaliate. Marcion was flagged on the play, but the referee did not eject him. Immaculata won the game, 26-6.

Police and Linden's school district are investigating the incident. It's not yet known what caused Moncion to act so violently. Various reports state he has been suspended, but it's unclear if he's been suspended from school, the team or both or for how long.

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