It's one of those items that if you took some time to think about, you'd probably put on your bucket list: biking across the Sahara. Well, this guy did it and has a video to prove it.

Last summer, Britain's Daniel Ofili, 23, rode his bike across the desert over a period of 36 days in a journey that took him from Morocco to Senegal. That's more than 1,100 miles.

Geez, and you thought it was impressive when you biked last Saturday down to the post office? Puh-leeze.

What in the world compelled Ofili to take on such an epic struggle:

It's about embracing the feeling of being lost in the world with just your backpack on living life."

This video, which captures his ordeal, is mesmerizing. It details the bugs he had to eat, the gross injuries he endured (he wound up in a hospital for a few days during his trek), the time he wound up going in the wrong direction and how he treated a snake bite on his own with a method from old movies. And there were plenty of more setbacks that probably would have made other men call it quits.

Kind of makes that paper cut you once got seem like small potatoes, huh?

Ofili's video is remarkable because it doesn't hold back from how arduous and brutal the trip was. You'll see him vomit, you'll see him eat bugs, you'll see him wear a mask that makes him look like Bane.

In the end, though, he looks back on this challenge with fondness, calling it "the time of my life." Isn't it strange how the things that most push us to our limits are often the things we embrace the most?

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