If you haven't already heard, GQ's new funny web-series Gentlemen Lobsters had it's series finale today, and it delivered. Why are we bringing you this news when the final episode has already aired? It's because we're Netflix babies. We need to binge-watch everything. And if you're anything like us you should go ahead and binge-watch Gentlemen Lobsters over on GQ's website.

The show hyperbolizes menswear at its most embarrassing moments, and the two main characters (talking lobsters) embody the current rift in this menswear G right here. One is the uppity, well-groomed, put-together lobster that takes his style influence from classically tailored menswear clothing. The other is a complete bro who hops on and drops fashion trends as quickly as Miley Cyrus does gonorrhea. They're best friends that bro together and live together, and while they may not always agree they definitely always have each other's back.

The show is young and definitely not suited for television as it is right now, but it definitely has potential. Who knows, maybe we'll even get to see an actual TV sitcom of the show on Fox — Conde Nast needs one.

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