Sunday may have been Mother's Day, but it was a dad who stole the show in the City of Brotherly Love.

Catching a foul ball at a baseball game is hard enough as it is, but this guy at Sunday's Mets-Phillies game in Philadelphia managed to pull it off, even though he had a baby in a harness strapped to his chest and a ticket in one hand.

He then gloats -- rightfully so -- to the crowd, which eats up his accomplishment like peanuts and Cracker Jack.

It just goes to show how bad things are in Philadelphia this season. Like a nine-inning lasting under three hours, the Astros surprising anyone and everyone and A-Rod getting booed on the road, the Phillies struggling to do anything right on the field may very well be a theme all the way until October.

The highlight of the year from this last place team could come from a dad in the stands instead of someone on the roster, so sign him to a contract. The Phillies season is quickly getting away from them, so the front office might as well use him as a novelty to put fannies in the seats.

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