Fans of OutKast have launched an online petition to have the group perform at the 2019 Super Bowl, which the NFL recently announced will take place in Atlanta.

The petition, which you can view at, simply reads, “No one represents Atlanta like OutKast. Plus, they are the greatest group of all time no explanation needed.”

We can’t argue with that.

Oddly enough, OutKast had a chance to perform at a halftime show for a Super Bowl but declined. Big Boi shared the news during an interview on During an interview with ESPN's The Dan LeBatard Show, Big Boi revealed that they were invited to perform but Andre 300 declined because he didn't want to shorten the songs.

"We were supposed to perform at the Super Bowl, but we had two songs, 'The Way You Move' and 'Hey Ya' and Dre didn't want to split the songs up," he said. "He didn't want to cut the songs. He wanted to do both songs."

It would be interesting to see 'Kast reunite for the halftime show in 2019. However, typically, producers of the Super Bowl event don't usually have hometown acts performing at halftime. Case in point: The 2014 Super Bowl was played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and the halftime act was Bruno Mars despite fans wanting hometown heroes Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi to perform.

Big Boi seemed opened to the idea of performing at a Super Bowl if given the opportunity. “To this day, [Andre’s] son says, ‘Daddy, you should’ve performed at the Super Bowl.’ We look at it now and we laugh. Hopefully, they invite us back.”

The city of Atlanta has hosted the Super Bowl twice, once in 1994, and years later in 2000. Hopefully, the NFL has seen the petition and are considering OutKast for a halftime show in the future.

Check out fans' reactions below.

What do you think? Should OutKast perform a halftime show at the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta? Tell us in the comments below.

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