On Tuesday, a fight between the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys broke out during a dual practice, almost spilling into the stands.

As the AP reports, after a big-time hit from Dallas' CB Morris Claiborne on Oakland tight end Mychal Rivera, the Dallas CB decided to give Rivera a little teabag action. Naturally, the Raiders took offense. The two teams eventually got into a scuffle and the fight was then pushed up to the gate that separated the players from the audience, leaving both sides only inches from each other.

A crazy Raiders fan (everyone who goes to preseason scrimmages is crazy) eventually took a swing at Cowboys cornerback B. W. Webb with a helmet. Webb swung back, but not with a helmet. No word yet on whether suspensions will be handed out.

We can't fault Rivera or his teammates for getting upset after Claiborne put his nut sack on the tight end's helmet. To be honest, we don't know what the Cowboys CB was thinking — win a playoff game, bro.

We will say this: The NFL season doesn't start for another 21 days. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR SOME FOOTBALL.