The Tour of Utah is probably not that high up on your list of must-see sporting events, but this crazy video will definitely make you raise your eyebrows.

During the sixth stage of the race on Sunday, Ireland’s Matt Brammeier slammed into a car while approaching a turn.

You can feel the hurt and while not good, the news isn't as bad as you're probably thinking they are, says his team's doctor:

Thankfully, Matt has suffered no head, neck or spinal injuries and is currently stable in hospital. His musculoskeletal injuries are significant however.He suffered rib fractures on both sides as well as a small pneumothorax. He also has fractures of the sacral and pelvic bones. Matt is unlikely to require surgery but will need some time to recover from his injuries.”

Brammeier, who once broke both his legs on a practice ride in 2007, even managed to post a photo of himself in the hospital on Twitter:

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