Creed is not your father’s Rocky movie. The Michael B. Jordan–led boxing picture, set for a November 25 release, hails from the meanest streets of Philadelphia. Sylvester Stallone had to contend with his own self-doubt and his love for Adrian, but as the son of legendary boxer and Rocky Balboa’s frequent sparring partner Apollo Creed, Jordan has more street-wise concerns. This is a new Rocky, a proudly black Rocky. The trailer played up the racially transposed angle of the film. And of course, a fresh Rocky demands a fresh theme song.

Enter Auto-Tune crooner Future. For Creed, the hip-hop star du jour jumped on a remix of the iconic theme song and gave it a fresh coat of candy-apple paint, titling the new composition “Last Breath.” With thunderous production from Childish Gambino affiliate Ludwig Göransson (who also stepped in to act as music supervisor for the film) and current Chance the Rapper tourmate Metro Boomin, Future’s creaky voice touches on the major themes of the franchise. He sings of resilience, of keeping the fight alive until — that’s right — his last breath. The song’s fine, and it’ll probably make for a rousing soundtrack as viewers file out during the end credits, but in recruiting collaborators, supervisor Göransson has overlooked a clear slam dunk. Was A$AP Rocky not available?

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