Foul ball, meet foul beer.

Krista Dotzenrod, 24, became a hero of sorts on Saturday while attending the Cubs-Padres game at Wrigley Field after a foul ball landed in her beer and she did the only logical thing a person can do in that situation: she chugged the beer.

Dotzenrod told the Chicago Sun-Times she essentially gave in to peer pressure because everyone around her was egging her on to chug.

It all happened in five seconds. I chugged the beer and wished the Cubs a great year. The ball is now sitting in my apartment."

Now, you can be excused for thinking this was a one-time funny incident. But, no, this may be the start of a trend because the very same thing happened the next day when the Cubs and Padres wrapped up their series.

And while you may think this is some innovative thinking and drinking by the Cubs faithful, we hate to burst your bubble, but this happened way back in 2010 when a Cubs fan caught a ball thrown in the stands by a Braves player during batting practice.

These other videos also prove that Cubs fans, as well as fans of other teams, have a history with this sort of thing:

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