We've begun to notice that Chris Pratt portrays characters who have a strong affinity for music. In Parks and Rec, his Andy Dwyer character fronts the struggle band Mouse Rat. In Guardians of the Galaxy, his superhero dude hangs onto a '70s mixtape. One more makes a trend, right? Well we're pretty sure we remember him listening to some classic metal in Zero Dark Thirty before the mission, or something. And now we know why. Music was his LIFE, man, back when he lived with his friend in a van in Maui.

Pratt explained to Shade45 that during this time, around '99, they'd listen to Dr. Dre's 2001 and [heyyy eeyyy eyyeee ayyyy] smoke weed everyday. To prove his point, Pratt proceeded to rap Eminem's entire landmark verse from "Forgot About Dre." Anyone in their teens when this song came out has probably done this very thing to this very song (it was huge in our football locker room in high school). If you're not rapping along with him in this video, you're a fraud and we never wanna hear anything you have to say about pop culture.

Oh, and now a reddit user has synced Pratt's verse with the beat.

Maybe Em should've recruited Pratt as his sidekick instead of Obie Trice.

[via Gawker]

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