Chris Brown is a fuccboi, a dickhead, a walking temper tantrum. He's a remorseless prick with a violence problem. That all describes countless celebrites, but the reason it's harder to overlook with Breezy is because he's either too dumb or not enough of a man to realize he's the heel. There's nothing worse than someone who lacks self-awareness — the cornball who thinks he's the funniest guy in the room and won't shut the fuck up, the basic harpy who thinks she's hot shit, the dude who can't tell the difference between "being honest" and "being an asshole" — these are not the people you want to hang out with at a party! That is the essence of Chris Brown. (That, and his habit of flying off the handle to punch whatever is nearest, especially if it's Rihanna's face.)

But he is supremely talented. And it looks like his long-delayed album, X (not to be confused with Ed Sheeran's x), is the one that will get people talking about his music again, for better or worse. That's already been the case thanks to "Loyal," that undeniable summer anthem that will surely live on for many summers, and if you're looking for schadenfreude, you really won't find it with X. (Well, it has sprung a leak ahead of the September 16 release, which you can find here if you trust your computer's antivirus, so there's that). Sure, some of the tracks are generic (that one with Akon, ahem), but the album is most definitely not a flop. Such is life.

Below, check out some of the leaked collabs, including the weepy, Drake-like "Autumn Leaves" with a lyrical, grounded verse from Kendrick Lamar, plus (oh Jesus) an R. Kelly collab about drowning in the pussy. Have a nice day, everyone!

Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar — "Autumn Leaves"

Chris Brown ft. R. Kelly — "Drown In It"

Chris Brown ft. Jhené Aiko — "Drunk Texting"

Chris Brown ft. Trey Songz — "Songs on 12 Play"

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