Cam Newton is a dual threat.

Yes, he can run and he can pass, but that’s now what we’re talking about. We mean he can play football and water polo.

The reigning NFL MVP and heartbeat of the NFC champion Carolina Panthers looks like he’s prepping for a new career to fall back in case the whole football thing doesn’t work out (even though it certainly already has) in this picture where he’s playing water polo at the USA Water Polo Training Center in Los Alamitos, Calif.

It’s not exactly clear why he bathing suited up with the water polo team, but you get the sense that he could probably more than hold his own. Just the way he palms that ball shows he could be a force.

The squad has already qualified for the upcoming Summer Olympics, which take place right in the smack of the NFL preseason, so we don’t expect to see Newton jumping into the pool to help his country anytime soon.

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