Hey, if this whole football thing doesn't work out, Cam Newton can always hit the recording studio.

Well, that's not quite true because this whole football thing is most definitely working out. Newton, the favorite to be this season's NFL MVP, has led his team to the Super Bowl, but that's not why you're here. No, you're here because you want to see Newton rap.

Well, sit back and brace yourself.

This clip of Newton freestyling while he was the QB at Blinn College back in 2009 will catch your attention the way Ted Ginn Jr. catches his laser throws for touchdowns.

Even then, Newton has that swagger and confidence that rubs some people the wrong way. In fact, he looks pretty much the same, except for the whole number 2 jersey he's wearing. We'd love to go back in time and tell whoever wore number 1 to take it off on the spot and give it to Cam because, while he was probably headed for a career as an insurance salesman, Cam was going to the Super Bowl and men who lead their team to the Super Bowl should be able to wear whatever number they choose.

And then we'd make number 1 sit down and watch Newton pitch Oikos before insisting he head to the supermarket to stock up on it like he's prepping for the end of the world because that's the kind of pull a real number 1 has.