Get ready for another round of, "what the heck is that?" This round features an abandoned truck stop/motel just south of Rochelle, Illinois.

Some of the responses to my coworkers included, "Holy crap!" and the rest I can't repeat because of the profanity and number of exclamation points I'd need to insert.

The truck stop/motel combo is located at Twelvemile Corner, IL, which is at the crosspoint of Highway 251 and Highway 30, just south of Rochelle.

I'm not sure how long the property has been empty but that is the least of the questions I have. You will agree when you see this for yourself.


The backstory, based on comments shared on this Facebook post, indicate this was once a booming intersection until I-39 was constructed. The lack of traffic flow caused problems for both the truck stop/motel and the watering hole/gentleman's club across the street.

Based on some of the comments, Angel's Truck Stop closed before the strip joint, which also ended up closing after alleged illegal activities.

The truck stop building doesn't look too out of the ordinary considering it being deserted and decades old. The motel, on the other hand, is where the article you're reading is about to get weird.


The motel is obviously rundown, there's no question. But, with a closer look, you will see some messed things happening to the structure. There is a lot of junk outside of the rooms of the motel, maybe it doesn't seem so odd until you take a really close look.

There are TOYS hanging from the walls, windows, and doors of this abandoned and likely "pay-by-the-hour" motel. What the ---- is going on with that?!

If you can answer this question you are obligated to do so in a comment.

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???


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