The NFL Combine is filled with college players looking to prove what they can do for teams at the pro level.

While some players are slam dunks for the draft, others need a good showing.

Byron Jones, a cornerback from the University of Connecticut, just showed that he can jump really far from a standing position, which should clearly come in handy when he's chasing down receivers who are on the move with an eye toward the end zone.

Jones pulled off an impressive broad jump of 12 feet, three inches, which, if it doesn't capture the attention of GMs and coaches, should definitely catch the attention of some movie studios looking to create a new superhero franchise. Jump Man may not be a good name, but his skills could definitely translate into big box office numbers.

Jones' jump is believed to be the best in Combine history. His stellar 44-and-a-half-inch vertical leap also made people take notice. Clearly, his name is now out there and scouts and mulling over his potential. This is the Combine, though, which, ultimately, doesn't translate to NFL success (anyone recall some guy named Tom Brady competed in it and could still only make himself a sixth-round pick?).

While Jones efforts may not turn him into a Sunday stud, they have made him a sort of cult figure, with USA Track and Field even giving him props.