Not that you didn’t know it already, but here’s a sobering reminder that bullfighting is definitely not for the weary.

Jimenez Fortes was gored by a bull while they fought recently at the San Isidro Fair in Madrid. The bull nailed Fortes in the stomach, sending him flying to the ground only for the creature to waste no time and get him in the neck.

Fortes got up on his own and was quickly lifted out of the arena and taken to a hospital.

Doctors say his condition is "grave." Reports state "the bull horn that ripped into Fortes' neck apparently bruised both his carotid artery and jugular vein."

Amazingly – or perhaps not so amazing, considering his profession of choice – Fortes was gored by a bull last year at the same event, which should be an all-capital letter, neon sign-type warning that he should never step into the ring ever again.

Here's hoping he makes it through with flying colors, assuming red isn't one of them. No need to incite another bull.

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