Listen, February was a pretty rough month. Sure, we're getting into March now and the sun has finally returned to cast its warmth upon our fragile world once again, but for a while there, it was just snow, gloom, and gloomy snow.

Clearly someone had to take a stand and rise up against our natural oppressors, and that person was Lue Nuwame, the Homemade Game Guru, who built a Superman-shaped snow shovel in order to tackle the apocalyptic snowfall that hit Canada this winter. And as weird as it might sound, it's one of the most soothing videos I have ever watched. Let it flow over you like a gentle snowfall, a snowfall that you will eventually dig yourself out of with the help of Superman.

As for the shovel itself, the most interesting thing about it for me was seeing how he used Superman's arms for extra leverage, which is a pretty clever idea. I mean, yes, a pointy pentagon is probably not the best shape for a snow shovel blade, but it works thematically, and it certainly seems effective based on Nuwame's demonstration in the video. I'd personally worry about the shovel bending, but that's probably just because it's always what happened when I made toy swords out of cardboard when I was a kid. (It should be noted that my projects did not involve layered cardboard with waterproof lacquer, so the shovel is probably fine.)

It's that voice, though, that really does it. It's just so soothing.

For more, check out the Homemade Game Guru YouTube channel, where he's got plenty of other comic and cosplay-themed projects, including a Wolverine Jack-in-the-box, a Wonder Woman sundial, and a cardboard Mjolnir.