Sure, we've all seen our fair share of buzzer beaters, but none quite like this.

In the waning seconds of the first half of the Vanderbilt-Florida game on Tuesday night, Commodores senior center Josh Henderson drained an 80-foot shot at the horn sounded after he grabbed a shot blocked by teammate Matthew Fisher-Davis.

Fisher-Davis rejected what looked like an easy bucket by the Gators' Schuyler Rimmer (that's a great name for a basketball player, right?), which went right into the hands of the seven-foot Henderson, who, without hesitation, turned and heaved the ball down the court, where it swished in and gave the Commodores a 40-35 at the break. They would go on to a 87-74 win -- a crucial road victory that could help their tournament resume.

Not even Steph Curry could pull this one off. Well, at least we don't think he can.