Having diverse influences is everything when you're a DJ, producer and label exec working with the biggest names in the music industry. That's how A-Trak plays it. Known for his signature style that layers old-school New York, L.A. and San Francisco DJ techniques with fresh influences, A-Trak explains his mix-and-match approach to creating unique music in a new campaign for Grand Marnier.

"I blend out by mixing a classic approach to DJing with newer music," he says. "You know, just kind of connecting between scenes and generations. Constantly breaking things open."

Since coming up at age 15 as the world's youngest (and first Canadian!) turntablist champion, the Fool's Gold Records founder has lent his unique scratches to artists in nearly every genre — Kanye West, Kimbra and Travis Barker, to name three. Today, his label's roster reflects that same diverse sensibility, with talent ranging from the makers of one of the year's hottest tapes so far, Run the Jewels; to indie EDM royalty Kavinsky; to the Based God himself, Lil B. And all that is happening while A-Trak is producing hits under his own name, or with his Duck Sauce collaborator Armand Van Helden.

"With blends of samples and different mixes, you can really go wherever you want," he says. "I think if I only did one thing in my life, I would find it mundane. I need to mix it up."

With all that synergy happening all the time, it's no wonder that when it comes to kicking back, A-Trak takes his drink unadulterated. How does he enjoy his Grand Marnier?

"On the rocks," he says.

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