A-Trak just released the video for 'Push,' and it's definitely one of those "What the hell did I just watch?" videos. Several animals appear, including a basketball-loving tiger, a glazed pig and numerous delicious-looking shellfish.

The song's vocals are by Andrew Wyatt. In the video, A-Trak himself plays more of a supporting role. The main characters are a frequently-topless woman whose eyebrows would make Cara Delevingne proud and TM88 from 808 Mafia. They seem to be hosting a party at a gorgeous chateau in the French countryside, possibly accessible only by helicopter. And at one moment, the party-goers execute a 'Last Supper'-like tableau because ... well, it's not exactly clear. Yeah, it's a weird one.

"It's kind of like 'Eyes Wide Shut' meets Burning Man," A-Trak told Fader. "I also really wanted a tiger and a squid. I was very specific about that." The man certainly got what he asked for.

And good luck getting that piano riff out of your head.

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