The competition was tight and the remixes outstanding, but after narrowing down the top 25 mixes, two GMBO Grand Prize Winners prevailed. They will win a trip to New York to attend the 2015 Fool’s Gold DAY OFF with VIP passes on September 7 (see details below). They'll also get a chance to meet A-Trak.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Colton Corley is working to make it as a professional producer and seems to have a good feel for the millennial audience. He's from the Houston area, and he's got a ton of original music on his account. Here's his track:

Skyler Heck aka F-ether, a trip-hop and electronic producer from Denver, characterizes himself as an “Oblivious Audiophile” and “Nap-takin' heartbreaker.” Have a listen:

Congrats to both winners, who we're sure are gonna have a great time in New York at DAY OFF. Check this lineup, which was just announced:

Fool's Gold DAY OFF

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