Attention, frat guys: you've officially been put on notice.

In the most important invention since the keg, the world now has a robot who can play beer pong, presumably because you'll need someone to challenge once everyone else you've squared up against has passed out.

But this robot, created by Empire Robotics and put on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, doesn't just play beer pong. It dominates the game. It dominates to the point that if it was human people would be screaming that it's on steroids and demand that it take a urine test in full public view.

It's a machine, though, so it can't be on steroids. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original 'Terminator' it can only be used to destroy us mere mortals until we wake up with a hangover and try to connect the dots from the night before. And like the original 'Terminator,' we're clearly going to need someone to come back from the future to stop it.

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