Jeff Dabe is not your typical arm wrestler.

You see, Dabe has 19-inch forearms that you can't help think makes him look like a real-life version of Popeye.

You shouldn't be surprised to learn, then, that Dabe, who hails from Minnesota, is an arm wrestler who competes in the World Armwrestling League.

And you're probably also wondering if he has some sort of condition that causes his arms to be so big. The answer to that is no -- he's perfectly fine.

To give you an idea of how big he is, he even posted photos of himself holding beer cans and compared himself to Andre the Giant:

Dabe, 52, quit arm wrestling back in 1986 after suffering an injury, but he jumped back into the sport -- using his left arm -- in 2012. He says his gigantic arms usually cause a stir, noting, "I was always good at arm wrestling, but the size of my hands did shock people at first -- I had the strength to back it up. People freak out when they see my hands in real life."

Check out Dabe in action below: