50 Cent is no stranger to being in the middle of social media beef. His latest target, which is nothing new, is Diddy.

Fif is out for blood by continuously taking shots at the Bad Boy Records mogul. Aside from making fun of his competition, 50 Cent is using his social media savvy as a ploy to promote his new liquor, Effen Vodka, which he launched in 2014. As the world knows by now, Diddy is leading the charge with Ciroc.

In a series of Instagram memes and photos, Fif attempts to ether Diddy by attacking his age and weight. "Me and PUFF sat and kicked it today he said, 50 I'm getting to old for this sh!t. I said I KNOW," the Get Rich or Die Tryin' creator wrote along with an image of an elderly homeless man, which is supposed to be Diddy.

The firestorm didn't stop there. "He is doing this for NEW YORK," 50 wrote as the caption to an image of a shirtless Diddy wearing a championship wrestling belt. "I have nothing to do with this I swear. LMAO #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO oh no I hope it's not a new song. Covered that gut."

The G-Unit Records head honcho also brought French Montana into the conversation by calling him "Diddy's Bitch."

"I know puffy touched your butt French, you and James Cruz. talking about he was high, no he was horny. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO," he wrote in the meme's caption, which you can see below.

Aside from the fact that French was initially signed with Diddy and now has his label, Coke Boy Records, in the Bad Boy family, the New York rapper stood up for himself by posted a video in which he throws an entire box of Effen Vodka into the garbage.

While Diddy has yet to respond to all of 50 Cent's jabs, we're sure there will be a war of words soon enough. Stay tuned.

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