Fat Joe is still apologizing for revealing that Anthony Mason was the mystery guy in Biggie’s song, “I Got a Story to Tell.” It’s totally unnecessary, but since Mason's friend, Charles Oakley, saw it as disrespect, the hip-hop vet had to make it clear that he wasn’t trying to throw shade at anybody.

If you are unfamiliar with the song, Biggie raps about New York Knicks player coming back home early to find him in his bed with his girlfriend. The late rapper would pulled out a gun on him to avoid any further conflict — but not before taking a thousand dollars from the NBA player -- allegedly.

Since the song's release in 1997, fans have wondered who was the mystery Knicks player. On ESPN’s Highly Questionable, Fat Joe spilled the beans and since then regretted ever telling the public it was Mason.

However, Diddy did come to Fat Joe's aid and confirmed that it was indeed Anthony Mason. However, Mason's friend, Charles Oakley, saw it as disrespect since both men are no longer here to defend themselves.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Fat Joe and asked him about Oakley's response.

"I love Charles Oakley. I worship him," he stated. "I worship Anthony Mason. Anyone who took it as disrespect, I'm sorry."

"[Oakley] is my brother, I love him," he added.

Now that Fat Joe has apologized for the umpteenth time we can all moved on from this? We still don't think the Bronx rhymer did anything wrong. Like Fat Joe says on his 1993 song, "The S--- Is Real."

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