Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog is no longer the mysterious voice that many suspected belonged to Nas, but if the unveiling of the Russian MC's true identity has caused you to stop caring about his material, then you are doing this music listening thing all wrong, my dude. Droog has rhymes for days, and combined with his ear for dusty boom-bap beats, he has a chance to inject life into a product that, quite frankly, has more or less run its course by this point. (Even Joey Bada$$ has begun changing up his old school formula).

Droog may be a revivalist, but the key is his charisma on the mic: He manages be entertaining while stuffing heaps of rhymes into each bar, so it never comes off as a show-offy demonstration of how he can bombard the listener, and instead is more a cat-and-mouse "can you keep up with the jokes?" game.

Those characteristics are all intact on his latest release, "Secondhand Gunsmoke." The remix of his Your Old Droog EP cut "Gunsmoke Cologne" features members of Superblack on drums and guitar, and piles in references to everything from Captain Beefheart to No Fear.

Check it out:

[via Nah Right]

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