Imagine chillin' at an NBA game when Will Ferrell suddenly pops out at halftime to take a half-court shot -- right at a cheerleader's face. Say whaaat!

Well, that's exactly what went down at the L.A. Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans basketball game last night (Jan. 21), which you can watch in all of its cringe-worthy glory in the Vine above. But fear not: The comedian isn't that bad at basketball -- he was just filming a scene for his upcoming movie, 'Daddy's Home,' during halftime. Casual.

Considering that throwing a basketball straight into someone's face is the kind of slapstick comedy that Ferrell is known for, we have a feeling that 'Daddy's Home' is going to be right up our alley: Hilarious, but definitely a little cringe-y. After the, uh, foul ball, Ferrell -- still in character -- was escorted off the court, which you can can see the pic below.