Weird Al Yankovic showed up at the Emmys last night, continuing his career year, to perform a medley of theme songs with spoof lyrics, presumably because host Seth Meyers couldn't front the requisite musical number required of all awards shows. It was a somewhat entertaining — definitely entertaining to the olds — outing, giving us lines like "Jon Hamm's never won an Emmy, oh who cares he's still Jon freaking Hamm" to the tune of the Mad Men theme. But there was supposed to be a whole True Detective sequence, which got cut for time (probably because of the Modern Family director's acceptance speech, which is actually still going because AWARDS FOR COMEDY TELEVISION ARE IMPORTANT AND STUFF).

Anyway, Weird Al spoke to Vulture after the proceedings, revealing that the True Detective bit got cut. "One of the lines was, 'It was like Starsky & Hutch — if Nietzsche had written it,'" he told the site. There was probably a Yellow King/pee joke in there, too. 

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