And here we have yet another reason why you shouldn't play with things that don't belong to you. In this tale, an Atlanta man drops off his new Corvette Stingray with a valet service while he and his wife go to watch a play. The Stingray, though, has a feature called Valet Mode, part of its Performance Data Recorder, which as you might guess can record what happens to your car when you're not in it.

The valet took the car down to the lower levels of the garage, where he floored it—reaching 50 mph in seconds. He then got out and inspected the car for damage, which is when his face appears on the video. The car's owner posted the clip to YouTube, then reported the incident to the valet's bosses, who promptly fired him.

Now, we understand this isn't exactly 'Ferris Bueller'-level treachery or anything (see below), but seriously, you'd think valet drivers would know about Valet Mode by now, right?

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