Fresh off signing a $1.8 million dollar deal with Sony, Brooklyn tween metal trio and rock's anointed ones Unlocking The Truth brought their sludgy dose of double bass truthiness to The Colbert Report this week. Frontman Malcolm Brickhouse (13), bassist Alec Atkins (13), and drummer Jarad Dawkins (12) sat down for an interview with the host and played a pair of tracks, "Monster" and "Free as You Wanna Be," which is the title track off their forthcoming EP.

The three kids were the youngest guests Colbert has ever had on the show. From busking in Times Square to playing Colbert in some three years, not bad! If these dudes can't save rock, nobody can. Let's link them up with a mentor like Dave Grohl. Better yet, don't. Get someone like King Tuff or Hunter Hunt-Hendrix to expand their minds.

Watch the two songs and interview below.

Unlocking The Truth — "Monster"

Unlocking The Truth — "Free as You Wanna Be"


[via Loudwire]

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