This week's music superlatives could've consisted solely of Drake. His ESPYs hosting performance led to some very solid spoof songs that made the whole crowd uncomfortable, and gave us more proof that he's got legit comedy chops and is eminently more likable on screen than he is on the mic talking about Hooters girls. Days ago we also learned his next album's title, and we may have learned something about him that maybe we never wanted to know.

But we've gotta spread the love (and hate...and cheeks if you're Drake, allegedly), so head below to see the best and worst of music this week.

Most Likely to be the Next Justin Timberlake: Drake

See above.

Favorite Awards Show Guest, Apparently: Chris Brown

Why are network executives so insistent on getting Chris Brown on our TV screens? Also, Drizzy's beef with Breezy was the one thing giving him a shred of a hard edge. Without it, Drake's back to being the whipped cream on top of some melty soft-serve resting on a plush down pillow in the clouds of Kirby's Dream Land.


Worst Album Title: Drake, Views From the 6

We don't care if "that's what we call it in Toronto." Also, Drake has a serious obsession with numbers. The 6, "305 to my City," "5AM in Toronto," "0 to 100." Pretty soon we're gonna need a TI-83 to review this dude's music.

Most Likely to Confuse Old People: St. Vincent

David Letterman is more with-it than most senior citizens, but even he didn't know how to react to St. Vincent's future-rock display on the Late Show. All he could muster up was "That was cool." Punk is dad, but Annie Clarke is for the kids.

st vincent letterman

Best Mixtape From a Rapper Who Tweets: DVS, Mutant League

@DVSblast rounded up all his features from the past few years, so if you want to know what the fuck you're talking about when it comes to Weird Twitter and NYC's alt-rap underground, start here.

Best "No Flex Zone" remix: Nicki Minaj

Sorry King Push, but the Queen reigns supreme here. How many sons does Nicki have at this point?

nicki minaj no flex zone remix

Best Fade-Out: Merchandise, "Enemy"

The Florida band's "Enemy" is a full-on dark'80s revival mixing jangly guitars with brooding post-punk vocals, but the true mark of authenticity was its use of the long fade-out, a forgotten art from that era.

Best Will Smith Spawn: Willow

Jaden gets the headlines and the Twitter buzz and makes sure we all #staywoke, but Willow's just minding her own business, cranking out some woozy alt-R&B. This week she got a co-sign from SZA, performing their collab "Domino," in case you didn't think she was worth watching.

Most Likely to Incite a VMA Speech Interruption and/or Riot: Iggy Azalea

It can't happen. Iggy Azalea cannot beat out Beyonce for Best Female Video or anything else at the VMAs. It can't happen, and it won't. But if it does... Kanye West should fly in and lead a "No Church in the Wild" riot on MTV.

Most Likely to Succeed Despite Terrible Band Name: Unlocking the Truth

Rock's last great hope happens to be a metal band comprised of two 13-year-olds and a 12-year-old from Brooklyn, and they just signed a million-dollar deal with Sony.

unlocking the truth facebook


Worst Example of Brooklyn Girls, and the Worst : Catey Shaw's "Brooklyn Girls"

It's also the worst thing of this week, or any week, really.

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